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The Trust was set up by a Declaration of Trust dated 13 December 1995. It owns and maintains a conservatory building in Leatherhead as a social facility, now known as the Conservatory Club, for people in the early and middle stages of dementia.

The Club is open from 10am to 3pm each weekday, with capacity for up to 8 members to attend daily.   It is run by two club managers, the senior of whom, Pauline Simons, runs it from Monday to Thursday and our other manager, Sally Dart, runs it on Friday. Each club manager is assisted daily by at least one volunteer.

We invite potential new members to attend for one day free of charge so that we can mutually assess whether or not the Club is suitable for their needs.

The conservatory is adjacent to the Fairfield Centre in Leatherhead, a social centre for the over-60s run by Mole Valley District Council.   Conservatory Club members are asked to also take up membership of the Fairfield Centre which gives them access to the Centre’s catering facilities.

Members’ daily activities in the conservatory include arts, crafts, games, quizzes, looking through newspapers and magazines, music and general conversation to help maintain their mental and physical activity and interest in life.  When appropriate to their needs, members also join in with the Centre’s classes and social events.

As funds allow, members are also taken on outings such as trips to the seaside, lunches out, visits to garden centres and other places of interest.

Conservatory Club
The Conservatory Club
Garden party
Garden party

About Dementia

Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe various different brain disorders that have in common a loss of brain function that is usually progressive and eventually severe.  It can affect men and women.

Alzheimer’s Society estimates that there are currently 900,000 people, aged 65+ living with dementia in the UK. This number is projected to be over a million by 2025 and rise to 1,6 million by 2040

Alzheimer’s Research UK estimates that there are just over 70,000 people in the UK who are living with young onset dementia – that is people aged under 65.

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